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Solutions Schedule Silverlight by DBI Technologies Inc - Component Software for Gantt style Drag and Drop Enterprise Resource Planning Scheduling and Visualizing Enterprise Resource Data

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Three Schedule and Calendar controls in One! A comprehensive product for .NET developers offering an integrated Day View, Week View and Month View component features, perfect for adding scheduling functionality in any WPF application.


Versioning :: It's important to note that dbiCalendarWPF (as well DBI's other component products) are continuously updated during the subscription release period noted by minor version increments for example to Version displays that there has been a significant product enhancement by incorporating an additional component to the product for instance. Should a significant change be required to the product licensing or an overall enhancement to all of the components for a new version of Windows for instance, then in these cases a full version Increment will be initiated.


Please note that DBI's .NET WPF controls have been compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010 against version 4.0 (Client Profile) of the .NET Framework and tested in Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013.


DBI Calendar WPF is offered on a full annual subscription basis, providing the registered owner / Developer with:

  • all updates to the control(s)
  •  all upgrades to those controls
  •  all upgrades to the product
  •  direct access to technical support
  •  online license management
  •  online, 24x7 software activations

All managed through the Product Manager integrated console application.

New for v2.0.0.5
  • Fix for an issue with the AppButtonClick event not firing correctly in some calendar display configurations.
New for v2.0.0.4
  •  Fix for a potential issue with the calculations for the ends of custom areas when displaying a Daily view.
New for v2.0.0.3
  • Fix for an issue with printing the control with certain appointment grouping options.
New for v2.0.0.2
  • Fix for an issue with the AppButtonClick event not firing correctly in some calendar display configurations.
New for v2.0
  • Model View View Model controller -- full support for MVVM
  • UserDrawn Functionality has been extended to allow for more discrete implementation - New before and after Events added

  • Integrated XML has been removed and Brush Style collection has been removed

  • New Day View boarder property  (replaces Day Brush)

  • New AutoScroll properties for DayView, Calendar and Navigation

  • New PrintFooterAlign and PrintTitleAlign properties

  • Namespace Change:  from Dbi.WpfControl.Calendar  to  Dbi.WpfControl.dbiCalendar

  • PropertyType changes have been made to Appointments, ColumnTypes, Contacts, Custom Areas, Locations, PrintReportType, SelectedDates and Tasks properties of the control

  • SetView methods directed to SetScroll methods

  • ClickCount properties in the Click events, take over from DoubleClick events for Appointment, Date and Time  

Key Features Include:
Three Custom Views
  • Month View
  • Multi Column Day and Resource View
  • Week View
- Direct appointment entry, click a time cell and start typing
- modify appointment properties using the built-in context menus
- Set the appointment timeline from 1 minute to 60 minutes   
Customize Object Presentations
- user drawn appointments-user drawn day view headers
- user drawn calendar cells
- user drawn day formats
- user drawn week summary
- user drawn custom areas (dead zones)
Appointment Collections consist of:
- contacts
- locations
- tasks
Object Grouping and Sorting of Schedule Data by:
- Appointment
- Contact
- Location
- Task
Calendar WPF
Key Features
Three Schedule Views
Direct Edit
Context Menus
Variable Time Scale
Object Level Data Management  
Online Demo
Owner / User Drawn:  
Day formats
Custom Areas
Week summary
Data Collections  
by Appointment
by Contact  
by Custom Column
by Location  
by Task
by Sub Group
Product Includes
Royalty Free Distribution
C#, VB.NET, XAML samples
Executable demos
Single, Multi Developer Licenses
Source Code available
Demo's Include
Appointment Options
Custom Time Scale
Data Binding
Drag and Drop
Multi Date Selection
Owner Drawn
Via Context Menus
By Appointment
By Day
By Week
By Month
By Custom Areas
Data Objects
Schedule Views
Multi Column Day
Multi column Resource
Owner Drawn
General Features
Custom Context Menu
Custom Dialogue
Direct Edit
Custom Areas
Dead zones
Drag and Drop Scheduling
More appointment indicators
XML Data base
Built in Printing
Drag and Scroll
Move Next | Previous
View Navigation buttons
An Ideal Companion 
Solutions Schedule WPF 
DBI Technologies Inc. - Solutions Schedule WPF - Gantt Drag and Drop Enterprise Resource Scheduling 
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