ctDays (now incorporated in ctDayView)
ctDays  --  is a visual representation of a daily schedule plan. It is able to store a single days worth of information at a time. (If you need to view multiple days or resources, look at the multiple column day view scheduler ctDayView). A time-bar can be displayed that graphically presents a summary of an entire day's events. Appointments are easily created by clicking and selecting time lines and entering the appointment text from the keyboard. This makes it ideal for PIM or scheduling based applications.
Time Segments : The time segments can be broken up into 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minute segments. However, an appointment can be set to start and finish at any minute. 
Edit Text : Edit text directly from an appointment. Click on the appointment to start editing the text. A new edit option allows for editing to stop when the "Enter" key is pressed. This makes the control ideal for entering a series of appointments directly from the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move to the appropriate time. Start to enter the appointment text. Hit the "Enter" key to finish editing and then quickly move to the next appropriate time.
Fill Styles : The background of the title, header, and time area can all be colored with different fill styles. Just like those found in the new GDI+ drawing routines for .NET. including patters for horizontal, vertical, diagonal, horizontal bump, vertical bump, pyramid, diamond, circular and elliptical gradient fills.
Appointment Management Methods : Custom methods to programmatically add, change, and delete appointments.
Appointment Conflict Management : Includes methods and properties for locating conflicting appointments. Appointment area algorithms in the control optimize screen space when appointments conflict.
Time Bar Area : Option time bar area allows the user to view the entire days events at a glance.
Appointment Images : Each appointment can display up to 4 stock images (reminder, tentative, location, and private) as well as three custom images.
Print Schedule : Custom method prints schedule with a simple line of code.
Print In Window : Also supports the PrintInWindow method which prints the contents of the current schedule on a specific area of a page.
Drag and Drop : Drag and drop between columns or in and out of component. Built-in support for drag and drop of items between columns or run-time drag and drop of items in to and out of the component.
Column Block Color : Supports the independent coloring of time blocks within individual columns.
Definable Times : Define the starting and ending time for the schedule. Display the times in standard or military time.
Change Appointment Times : Change the starting time and length of an appointment by clicking and dragging along the top or bottom bar of the appointment.
Key ID's : Key ID values can be automatically generated for each appointment. This makes moving data for an appointment to and from a database much easier.
Multiple Time Displays : Display multiple time areas for different time zones.
Image List :  Store up to 100 images in an internal image list.
iCalendar Support : Allows the transfer of calendaring and scheduling information between ctDays and applications that support the iCalendar specifications.
Masked Bitmaps : Support for masked bitmaps images
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